Process Explorer for Windows Mobile

My iPAQ with Windows Mobile was acting sluggish, so I went hunting for a Task Manager/Process Explorer like utility for it and came across this little gem. Saved me some coding! In the end I  was unable to figure out what exactly caused the slugginesh because the problem went away, but next time it happens I will be prepared!

TaskMgr for WM* is a must-have for every Windows Mobile user, like a Swiss Army Knife my Leatherman (don't leave home without it)! All the basic tools a user needs to keep the system running smooth: Process manager, CPU usage, Application Manager, Service Manager, Device Manager (only WM2005 and above), Windows Manager, Notification Manager, IP Config utility, Ping utility, Net Stats utility, Registry Editor and a 'Run program' utility. Kudos to Dotfred!

<rant>I should not need a tool like TaskMgr to keep my system running smoothly. Windows CE is supposed to run a mobile phone, which can be a life-saving device... Last thing I need is a frozen (phrozen?) phone!</rant>

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